As a composer, arranger and sound designer, Henri Chalifour worked with Ad Lib to develop the initial musical standard for the computer sound cards industry. He continued these activities with Mediatrix Peripherals from 1992-1995 often presenting his compositions at computer Trade Shows in North America and Europe. He has written numerous musical pieces in various styles such as Pop, Techno, New-Age, Jazz and Classical to help promote the different sound cards that were being developed at that time. As part of these promotions, his music has been distributed worldwide.

He created a title for the web site dedicated to the bird painter John James Audubon (Musée de la civilisation, Quebec City). He completed a musical score for General Motors for the Cadillac Catera's CD-ROM presentation. In 1994, as a composer and arranger, he had participated to the recording of TRANS-X's XCESS in Barcelona along with Pascal Languirand.

He completed an electro-pop single called Pylons in 1986 and released Topaze in 1993 on a sampler CD entitled Prémices (Ipso Facto). He also has created several corporative musical compositions and soundtracks for short films.

Wendy Carlos' Switched-on Bach album was the starting point for his passion for electronic music. Vangelis, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream followed as major influences. Henri Chalifour has a particular liking for complex sequences, meticulous rhythms and wide sound textures.


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